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       SamTeachesMe was founded after I considered how often in my 12 years as a financial advisor that I came across people that felt understanding personal finance was overwhelming. Sometimes money can be overwhelming because of its limitations in creating solutions for many of our financial problems. For others, money can be viewed as an area of expertise with formulas, concepts and calculations that are beyond their scope of understanding.  

       Sam is the name of my now 3 year-old son. I thought it might be less intimidating and even entertaining for people to learn some tips about finance if they were coming from him. The flip side to the website name/concept is that if I present finance in a more colorful, simplistic way, then that style of teaching may not only appeal to a child, but to some, if not many adults as well. 

       The most involved component of the website is the 529 plan savings tool that invites friends, family and community members of a parent to contribute to a 529 plan. The idea is to present one solution to an issue that many parents face, which is not having enough resources to send our children to college and particularly, the college of their choice. I don’t expect that by inviting your community to help build your child’s college savings plan that you are assured that all of your college savings needs will be met. However, if by using our college savings tool, you can prevent your retirement or the equity in your house from being compromised, or even if it alleviates just some of the financial burden and tuition expenses that parents and students face, then the website has done its job.


Aida Gonzalez

Aida Gonzalez


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